Our Mission

Our Mission

Our goal is to improve the quality of care available for acute and critically ill patients globally, with a specific focus in Low and Middle Income Countries (LIMCs)

Our specific aims

We aim to achieve our goal through the development of clinical training, clinical systems, data visualisation and quality improvement capabilities amongst healthcare professionals in LMICs. Specifically working with local training faculty and health professionals we:

  1. Enable and support health professionals to undertake clinical audit and quality improvement, to gain understanding of how to improve their health care systems
  2. Enable health professionals to utilise operational, clinical and management data to improve the processes and structures essential for the delivery of healthcare
  3. Facilitate and lead collaborative high quality health systems research aimed at delivering better care for the sickest patients in LMICs.
  4. Improve access to specialist clinical knowledge and skills training for existing health care professionals to improve clinical practice with a particular focus on practical skills and simulation based training

Concurrently with the above activities, we work with local healthcare professionals in a collaborative, team-focussed manner that fosters communities of practice to develop.

Our current objectives and associated projects

We focus on three objectives to achieve our aims. All our projects are currently based in Sri Lanka, a low-middle income country.

  1. Create and optimise a critical and acute care surveillance system: ‘National Intensive Care Surveillance’
  2. Facilitate and support a quality improvement intervention to improve the care for acutely ill patients, combing skills training with real-time patient data visualisation.
  3. Improve acute and critical care skills training provision for healthcare professionals and members of the public through sustainable local faculty development

We are looking for support; your contribution can be your expertise, time, equipment, money or your collaboration. Contact us for more information.