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Good Intern Programme (GIP)

A highly interactive and hands on programme designed to help you prepare for your internship

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The Good Intern Programme (Phase 1) is a two day clinical training course designed to help you develop confidence and competence in managing common emergencies in the ward. Training is delivered in our purpose-built simulation centre.

95% of your colleagues from April and May said “I would recommend this course to you” and “I would participate in a similar course with different content”, while 100% of your colleagues from April and May said “The content was highly relevant to me and it was well delivered.”

Course objectives

  1. Practice and learn through mistakes, without posing a risk to patient safety
  2. A measurable increase in knowledge and skills on resuscitation and life support and its practical application in common medical and surgical emergencies
  3. Enhancement of problem-solving and decision-making skills, thereby building confidence in managing common emergencies.

Learning outcomes

  1. Revision of the knowledge on resuscitation and life support and its practical application in common medical and surgical emergencies.
  2. Practical skills training in Safe defibrillation, Recognition and management of tachyarrhythmias, Advanced Life Support, A-E structured assessment, Emergency management of the airway
  3. Provides a platform for enhancement of problem-solving and decision-making skills and thereby build their confidence in managing common emergencies 

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2 days


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Course date will advertised 2017 January