Cardiology Registry

Cardiology Registry

A multi-centre, and observational registry which describes the characteristics of patients admitted with STEMI

Registry began: 2016

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The main objective of this multicentre and observational registry is to describe the demographic, clinical, and biological characteristics of patients with STEMI admitted to a representative setting of cardiology centres (with and without PCI facilities) in Sri Lanka.

The target population are patients admitted to participating settings,  with ST segment elevation on their ECG or new onset of ACS symptoms.


  1. To assess management patterns and in particular the current use of reperfusion therapies.
  2. To evaluate how recommendations of most recent STEMI guidelines regarding reperfusion therapies and adjunctive pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments are adopted in clinical practice and how their application can impact on patients’ outcomes. Information on the reasons why evidence-based treatments are not utilised will be collected.
  3. To evaluate in-hospital patient outcome.
  4. To evaluate the organization of STEMI management across Sri Lanka specifically regarding the diagnostic and admission process and treatment pathways.
  5. To validate the prognostic predictors of in-hospital and  30 day outcomes. In particular, patients with Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and/or cardiogenic shock, who still present a high mortality rate despite reperfusion therapy.