Advanced Resuscitation Training (ART)

Advanced Resuscitation Training

A multidisciplinary course which provides a standardized approach to cardiopulmonary resuscitation in adults

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This Advanced Resuscitation Training (ART) course provides a standardized approach to cardiopulmonary resuscitation in adults. It targets nursing officers who are expected to provide ART both inside and outside their hospitals. The multidisciplinary nature of the course facilitates efficient team work while also refining the assessment and management of critically ill patients.

Course objectives

  1. Allowing the trainees to receive hands on experience in essential skills in ALS without posing a risk to patient safety.
  2. Providing a platform for he enhancement of problem-solving and decision-making skills, and team-based competencies like interpersonal and communications skills in scenarios with Cardiac Arrests and other medical emergencies.
  3. A course which can be used as a tool that enables acquisition of practical knowledge, skills and attitudes to increase competence and preparedness to deal with an emergency.

Learning outcomes

  1. Hands on experience with essential skills through well designed skills stations
  2. The ability to provide experiential learning in a safe and controlled environment
  3. Realistic clinical scenarios  designed to highlight particular learning objectives to improve patient care in Cardiac Arrest and Emergency management
  4. Immediately after each station, a debriefing session to discuss what happened and learn from the experience.
  5. Both trainees directly involved in the scenario plus those watching learn through a combination of facilitated reflection, discussion and direct teaching from the faculty.

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Our collaborators

  • Ministry of Health Sri Lanka:
    The Deputy Director General (Education Training & Research)
    The Director Nursing (Education)
  • University of Colombo:
    The Department of Clinical Medicine (DCM), Faculty of Medicine
    The Medical Education and Research Centre, Faculty of Medicine (MEDARC)
  • InterACCT

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